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Lorrie Brook - The Relationship Architect - Relationship Talks Podcast

Ep19. Relationship Talks - Glenn Sandifer - The Middle Ground

In Episode 19 of Relationship Talks, we get to go behind the scenes with Glenn Sandifer the author of the Middle Ground. Glenn shares the insights he has learned in his relationships as well as the connection between our professional and personal lives.

You can find more about Glenn here:

1. Website –

2. Instagram –

3. Facebook –

4. TikTok -

5. YouTube - / @themiddlegroundbook

If you would like to find out more about the work from The Relationship Architect. Https://www.therelationshiparchitect....

Or you can find her book - It’s time to stop the overwhelm at https://www.therelationshiparchitect....

The Course - Improving Your Relationships at https://www.therelationshiparchitect....

The Relationship Architect YouTube - @myrelationshiparchitect

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